The last 10 years we have devoted to this business. Each carriage we learned something new, trying to work faster and more accurately. Year after year, we continued to hone our skills and now we know exactly how to move furniture of any size and weight without any damages in a more correct way. It's quite exciting when you start in this deal.
  Usually customers are used to seeing movers unkempt, in old trucks, with outdated equipment. We want to break the stereotype that has emerged during the lifetime of this business. How to do it? Already done!
   Luxury Moving of Silicon Valley is a company that was created in order to make your move as light and beautiful as the melody that sounds when you open our website.

  Believe us, we know how to help you move into a new life.
  Yours faithfully team of Luxury Moving.


Office hours:
Mon - Sun  9am - 9pm
(408) 707-3377
(831) 204-8420

2019 Luxury Moving of Silicon Valley 



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